For initial queries and those regarding the RCH Funding Proposal Committee, please see your RCH Head of Department.

For any other queries, please contact the Grants Office

Grants Program Manager
Rachael Hurley

Grants Officer
Dorani Lacey
03 9345 7062.

The Grant Proposal Process

**Proposal for Funding form updated July 2017**

The entire application process consists of two distinct sections: the RCH process and the RCH Foundation process. The process in its entirety comprises the following steps:


  1. RCH sets the funding priorities
    a. All proposals for funding must satisfy RCH requirements
    b. The proposal for funding form requires applicants to reference the RCH Strategic Plan, and to ensure that all proposals are in line with hospital priorities
    c. For more info, visit for a copy of the RCH Strategic Plan or see your Head of Department
    d. MCRI and the University of Melbourne are welcome to apply for funding, and must follow the campus partner internal approvals process first prior to submitting a proposal for funding. However, once submitted, the same system used for RCH employees applies
  2. Applicant discusses the proposed funding proposal with management
    a. Every proposal for funding requires approval from the appropriate levels of RCH management
    b. Initial inquiries should be directed to your Head of Department
    c. Management accountants should be consulted to ensure correct budget figures
    d. Biomedical Engineering and Procurement should be consulted for proposals relating to equipment
    e. Contact IT if your requirements involve software or hardware purchases, including database requests; you may need to submit a request to the IT Steering Committee
    f. If your request is under $1,000, please contact the RCH Foundation Grants Office before completing the online form
  3. Applicant completes the online proposal for funding form 
    a. To facilitate the application process, the RCH Foundation has an online system which hosts the application form (form updated July 2017) and allows the RCH management to review proposals before formally submitting them to the RCH Foundation
    b. Applicants can partially complete their proposal form online, save their work and return to finish the proposal at a later date
    c. Proposals can be amended online and all prior comments are viewable
    d. Each online proposal for funding that is submitted is registered and tracked by the RCH Foundation, and the nominated contact will be prompted when appropriate, and given status reports as the proposal is reviewed.
    e. The form works best in Firefox or Safari; for those using Internet Explorer the form may not display or work properly
    f. An example version of the Proposal for Funding can be downloaded here
  4. RCH review process begins
    a. All proposals for funding to the RCH Foundation are first reviewed online by three RCH internal reviewers (Head of Department, Management Accountant, Executive Director)
         i. Upon review they can approve or reject the proposal
    b. Applicants will receive automatic email notifications at every step of the approval process
  5. Proposal for funding is submitted to the RCH Funding Proposal Committee
    a. All proposals are reviewed at a monthly meeting of the RCH Funding Proposal Committee
    b. The RCH Funding Proposal Committee reviews all proposals for funding and makes recommendations to the RCH CEO
    c. The RCH Funding Proposal Committee includes:
  • Professor Peter McDougall, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director Medical Services and Clinical Governance – Chair
  • Jane Miller, Executive Director Strategy and Organisational Improvement
  • Rosemary Aisbett, Executive Director Nursing and Allied Health
  • Associate Professor Matt Sabin, Chief of Medicine
  • Mr Mike O’Brien, Chief of Surgery
  • Rachel Meisner, Senior Business Manager
  • Inna Velasquez, Manager Biomedical Engineering
  1. Approved proposals signed by the RCH CEO and CFO
    a. Once approved by the RCH CEO, proposals are signed by the CEO and CFO and are then submitted to the RCH Foundation


    7. Approved proposals submitted to the RCH Foundation
        a. The Grants Committee reviews all proposals to ensure they exemplify
        excellence, innovation, meet the wishes of the donor, etc. The proposals must
        apply to one of the four key areas for funding
        b. Proposals valued at up to and including $50,000 are reviewed monthly by the
        RCH Foundation CEO
        c. Proposals over $50,000 are reviewed at quarterly meetings of the RCH
        Foundation Grants Committee
        d. The RCH Foundation Grants Committee includes:
             i. The Chair, and up to two Directors of the RCH Foundation
             ii. Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation
             iii. Prof Christine Kilpatrick, Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Children’s Hospital
             iv. Prof Kathryn North AM, Director, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
             v. Prof Paul Monagle, Stevenson Professor & Head of Department of Paediatrics,
             The University of Melbourne
             vi. Other specialists as required
    8. Applicants are notified of funding request outcome
        a. Applicants will receive a formal letter of advice
    9. Funds are transferred to the RCH
        a. Following approval, the granted funds will be transferred to the hospital for
        management by the applicant, as per the terms of the grant
    10. Applicant completes acquittal reports
       a. At completion of a project, or annually for multi-year grants, applicants must
       provide an acquittal report detailing the outcomes and impact of the funding