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COMMUNITY Fundraising team
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Support for Fundraisers & Auxiliaries

Need some help getting your fundraising started? The Community Fundraising team has the following tips for getting your fundraiser off the ground:

  • Set goals and be realistic
  • Get a committee together or enlist the help of friends, family and colleagues
  • Allow plenty of time to plan and prepare
  • Schedule your time and set deadlines for important tasks
  • Keep expenses down by seeking donations or sponsorship for any items you need
  • Boost your fundraising with add-on activities such as raffles, auctions and collection tins
  • Promote your event to help raise more money
  • Choose the date of your event carefully and avoid busy periods such as Easter, Grand Final week, Spring Racing
  • Carnival and Christmas to ensure your guests and organisers are available
  • Have fun and celebrate your successes along the way!

Need more help? Read A Guide to Community Fundraising for The Royal Children’s Hospital for more information.

Registering your Community Fundraising activity

We want to hear about your amazing fundraising idea!

For more information on fundraising for the RCH Foundation and to register your fundraising activity, click here.

Registering you RCH Auxiliaries event or fundraising activity

If your Auxiliary is planning an event or activity to raise funds for the RCH Foundation, please ensure your fundraiser is registered and authorised by the Auxiliaries Office before you get started. Please complete the Auxiliaries Event Notification Form and submit it via email or in person at the RCH Foundation offices.

If your Auxiliary webpage requires updates, please complete the website form and submit it via email or in person at the RCH Foundation offices.