What is Cuppa for Kids?

Cuppa for Kids is a great way to spend time with friends, family or colleagues and help The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).

A Cuppa for Kids event can be held anytime and anywhere. Whether you make it a part of an upcoming celebration, or decide to hold a special morning or afternoon tea, Cuppa for Kids is a fun and simple way to raise much-needed funds and awareness for the RCH.

By inviting guests to enjoy a cuppa and make a donation to the RCH, you’re helping the hospital deliver the very best paediatric healthcare, through innovative research, outstanding leadership, advanced technology and exceptional patient and family-centred care.

How does it help the RCH?

Hosting a Cuppa for Kids is a wonderful way to raise funds and awareness for the RCH.

Through the support of community fundraisers like you, the hospital takes every day care to excellent care. All funds raised via your Cuppa for Kids are directed to where they are needed most, as defined by the hospital.

Donations support four key areas as per RCH priorities:

  • Research: discovering cures and transforming the future of paediatric healthcare
  • Leadership: investing in the best people and the brightest minds
  • Technology: acquiring the most advanced tools for the best outcomes
  • Patient and family-centred care: providing holistic and compassionate care

Who are the RCH Auxiliaries?

The RCH Auxiliaries are a dedicated group of more than 1,000 men and women who fundraise for the hospital.

For nearly 95 years, their support has helped the great RCH to provide the best care for its patients and their families. Through fundraising, they enable the hospital and its campus partners to pioneer research and new treatments, and to provide world-class leadership and state-of-the-art equipment.


The Cuppa for Kids Party Pack includes everything you need to get started on your Cuppa for Kids event:

Registering your event

If you plan to organise a Cuppa for Kids event, please contact the RCH Foundation Auxiliaries office at on 03 9345 5037 or auxiliaries.office@rch.org.au to register your event.

How we can help

Our team is here to provide advice and support for your fundraising event or activity. For example, we can help to organise a guest speaker, provide tax deductible receipts to donors and much more.

For more information please see Support for Fundraisers.

o   Tea Time tips and tricks

o   Invitations to the party

o   Party posters

o   Nametags

o   Cuppa cake toppers

o   Beautiful bunting

o   Thank you cards