Our own family of Meerkats
January 30 2012, 1:14 pm

A key focus of the new Royal Children’s Hospital is to create a facility that is child and family friendly. Features include playgrounds, aquarium, two major art installations, and a meerkat enclosure in the specialist clinics area.

Cheeky, inquisitive, highly active and living in large family-orientated clans, the RCH meerkats are incredibly popular with both children and adults.

A specially designed enclosure for the meerkats has been constructed in a courtyard near the specialist clinic area on the ground floor of the new hospital. This location will provide a comfortable home and secure environment suitable for the meerkats and can easily be viewed by children visiting the hospital. It is anticipated that more than 300,000 people will visit this area annually to enjoy the meerkat antics.

The meerkat exhibit has been made possible through a unique partnership with Melbourne Zoo, and the generous support of the Hugh Williamson Foundation through the RCH Foundation.