Organ Registries Got a Month's Worth of Volunteers in a Single Day
May 3 2012, 10:30 am

At the RCH Foundation in Melbourne, we are watching the unfolding rush on organ donor registrations in the US and UK with fascination.

If the first few days of this campaign are an indication of a continuing upward spike in organ donor registrations, then it’s an amazing example of the good that can be achieved when social media and community concerns combine forces.

Just the awareness-raising aspects of Facebook’s latest initiative alone are a beneficial thing.

Organ and tissue donation is an enormously important consideration for all adults, something that everyone should consider and clarify with their loved ones.

Brian Fung reported in The Atlantic:

Thanks, Facebook: Organ Registries Got a Month’s Worth of Volunteers in a Single Day

  Now that users can announce their donor status on the social network, registries are seeing a massive spike in new registrations.

Days after Facebook launched an initiative to promote organ donations, donor registries are reporting a major uptick in the number of sign-ups, according to ABC News:

"According to stats from Donate Life America, a nonprofit group partnering with the social network, California alone witnessed a 700 percent increase over the number of volunteers on a typical day."

Ten states said they’d gotten as many new donors on the campaign’s first day as they normally do in an entire month. That’s an incredible figure.

Read this article at The Atlantic here.

Organ and Tissue Donation in Australia

Although Australia has a world class reputation for successful transplant outcomes, it also has one of the lowest donation rates. Almost everyone can help others through organ and tissue donation, so there is no reason that we shouldn’t be learning the facts and committing to organ and tissue donation, and making our choices known to our loved ones.

Around 1600 Australians are waiting for a life-saving or life-improving transplant. Sadly, people die waiting for the gift of a heart, liver, kidney, lung or pancreas transplant. 

We hope this Facebook campaign about organ donation might come to Australia soon, but in the meantime,  we encourage Australians to visit to find out everything you need to know about organ and tissue donation, and how to register.

How do donated organs help at the RCH?

Charlotte is the RCH's youngest tiniest transplant recipient.  She received a liver transplant when she was  just 11 months old. Read about her condition and the transplant here, and then read about how Charlotte is doing a year on from her transplant here.

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