What we fund

The RCH will never retire in its pursuit of medical excellence and the RCH Foundation, established 25 years ago to fundraise, manage and distribute funds, will continue to provide support to the hospital in its ambitions.

The generosity of the community allows the RCH to bridges the gap between government funding and the exceptional care.

Through philanthropy, we are changing the future of children's healthcare.

FUNDING excellence ONLY

All funds donated to the RCH Foundation are preserved for the purpose of medical excellence.

The projects, initiatives and activities funded by donated money creates outcomes that are above and beyond the hospital's normal day-to-day activities. They ensure the highest standard of care and ongoing improvements in paediatric healthcare outcomes for all children.

The RCH Foundation does not fund items or projects that are considered standard operating costs; those that the state government would normally fund in a public hospital like the RCH. With the RCH Foundation's support, the RCH has become an international leader in some of the world's biggest health issues.

Donations support 4 key areas, in line with the hospital's priorities

Discover cures, transform the future

Invest in the best people, the brightest minds

Improve lives using the most advanced tools

Collaborate with family and health care providers