Parkville Auxiliary

Raising funds for occupational therapy and psychology

Area: Parkville

PARKVILLE ART RAFFLE - TICKETS $5 - Drawn Saturday 22 July 2017

To purchase a ticket please email the Auxiliaries office or call 03 9345 5188

Summertime on the Beach
Marilyn Williams
Framed - Pastel - 50x61cm
VALUE $300 
Rocky Passage
Jan Neil
Multi Media on Canvas - 75x101cm
VALUE $1,800 
The Grampians
Peter Smales
Framed - Watercolour - 51x45cm
Soft Blue
Kareen Anchen
Franmed Etching - 53x44cm
VALUE $380 
Claire Layman
Framed-Metallic and Acrylic - 122x65cs
VALUE $1,800 
Loose Kite
Jeff Gardner
Framed Etching
VALUE $380 
Caravan of Camels
Helen Krocis Edwards
Framed Linocut - 44x44cm
VALUE $380 
Kettle of Hawks
Helen Krocis Edwards
Framed Linocut - 44x44cm
VALUE $380  
Pussy Galore
Paul Margocsy
Canvas - 78x78cm
VALUE $2,300 
Rainforest Rememberance
Rosemary Mangiamele
Framed Acrylic on paper - 114x84cm
VALUE $700 
Bouquet 2016
Anthony Williams
Oil on Canvas - 51x41cm
VALUE $600 
Above and Below
Helen Kocis Edwards
Framed linocut - 104x76cm
VALUE $780 

The Story so far

Parkville Auxiliary was formed in 1946, and has been raising funds for The Royal Children's Hospital for over 65 impressive years, with many members contributing more than 20 years' dedicated hard work to the hospital. The Parkville Auxiliary raises funds to support the work of the Occupational Therapy and Psychology Departments. Currently membership stands at sixteen. New members are always welcome. 

What we are working on

Parkville Auxiliary raises funds primarily through its work in and around the hospital. Members contribute regular hours in the RCH Auxiliaries Shop and make good use of the Auxiliary PODS to run stalls selling home-baked goods and high quality merchandise and raffles. Away from the hospital, recent fundraising events have included Cuppa for Kids, shopping mall sales and a flea market. Members are always keen to discover new ways to fundraise for the hospital.

Office Bearers and contacts

President: Elizabeth Dohrmann
Secretary: Kaye Danielson
Treasurer: Marilyn McInnes