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Join an Auxiliary

There are RCH Auxiliaries working all over Victoria to raise funds year round for the hospital. The RCH Auxiliaries have a rich history of supporting the hospital and are an incomparable force in community fundraising. 

You are invited to become a part of this inspiring group in support one of the world’s leading hospitals.

Learn more about Auxiliary life by reviewing our Toolbox.

Become part of an Auxiliary

The RCH Auxiliaries welcome new members, new skills and new passions for community fundraising.

Joining an Auxiliary brings your interest in supporting our young patients together with an extended family of likeminded people.  Uniting individuals according to personal interest or affinity, the Auxiliaries provide unique opportunities for volunteers to offer service and skills in ways that are tangible and personally rewarding.

Whether you are thinking of taking your hobby to the next level, or would like to give back to your community in a social atmosphere, there are many ways to become involved.

Benefits of becoming an Auxiliary member

The Auxiliary network is designed to help ensure your fundraising as easy and successful as possible. The most exciting fundraising ideas can come to fruition through an Auxiliary, with your Auxiliary peers supporting you all the way. 

In addition to your own creative fundraising initiatives, as an Auxiliary member you will have access to a wide range of exclusive support and benefits, including:

  • a range of tailor-made and established fundraising initiatives, like Cuppa for Kids
  • a wide selection of retail fundraising opportunities, including markets, expos, stalls and pop-up shops
  • exclusive fundraising merchandise, including the iconic and highly sought-after RCH Auxiliary tote bags, which have sold over 1 million units across Victoria
  • opportunities to connect with the hospital community by volunteering at the RCH Shop
  • regular awareness and fundraising opportunities on Auxiliary stalls at the hospital
  • a friendly, positive and supportive culture
  • development and training opportunities
  • a dedicated team of staff to provide support and advice
  • invitations to exclusive events, seminars and ‘behind-the-scenes’ experiences
  • a strong base of experience and resources, and an excellent reputation
  • a comprehensive award and recognition program for long service and exceptional commitment to supporting the hospital
  • an inspiring history of more than 90 years of successful community fundraising

What the Auxiliaries support

Auxiliaries raise funds in a myriad of ways and hold dear many special causes.  The funds go to a variety of projects and initiatives in line with the hospital’s priorities in the areas of research, leadership and training, equipment and technology and the highest standard of care.

Every Auxiliary has its own special story, and many Auxiliaries were born out of personal connections with the hospital. Maybe just like yours.

Some Auxiliaries raise funds for a particular department, for example Emergency, Oncology, Cardiology, Developmental Medicine or Endocrinology.

Some are involved with innovative programs and initiatives that may not otherwise exist if they were not supported by fundraising, for example Educational Play Therapy, Music Therapy and Pain Management.

Some raise funds to support pioneering research for specific conditions, for example cystic fibrosis, leukaemia or oesophageal atresia.

Many Auxiliaries respond to hospital’s 'wish list' items, enabling the swiftest response to immediate needs and future planning for continuous improvement.

Some Auxiliaries encourage likeminded people to come together in their own neighbourhood, for example Geelong, Wangaratta, St Kilda, Templestowe, Parkville and more.

Every Auxiliary has passionate and dedicated members. 

What you can do

Using creative talents and entrepreneurship skills, there are many ways you can contribute as an Auxiliary member.

Your retail and customer service experience might make you a perfect addition to an Auxiliary that runs stalls, markets and pop-up shops.

If you are good with your hands, a designer, craftsperson or a gourmet chef, perhaps you can create handcrafted fundraising items.

If you’re an enthusiastic sportsperson, an experienced event coordinator or even just know how to throw a great party, you could help organise fundraising events. 

You might have a business that could assist an Auxiliary in a practical way. 

You might be a professional with a network of generous colleagues that respond well to social engagement ideas.

Stay-at-home parents and retirees might have some spare time and a desire for a new challenge to sink your teeth into.

You could use your skills as a natural born leader or influencer to inspire people and raise awareness of important fundraising projects that require support.

Perhaps your skills lie in administration, marketing, public relations or any number of other areas that could offer invaluable support to an Auxiliary to help them reach their goals.

Whatever you can do, if you have a team attitude and a strong spirit of giving, your contribution will make a difference. 


If you are intersted in joining an Auxiliary, please contact our Auxiliaries Coordinator on 03 9345 6491 or

Learn more about Auxiliary life by reviewing our Toolbox.