Caring friends of cystic fibrosis

Supporting Services for Cystic Fibrosis Patients at The Royal Children’s Hospital

Area: Western suburbs


CasKids was formerly the Nunawading Auxiliary of the Royal Children’s Hospital.  It was formed in 1967 and renamed in 1995 to CasKids which actually sponsors the Emergency and Casualty Department of the hospital.
There are 13 women in our group.  Three of us have been together for 40 years this year and, of course, this year we turned 44 years old!  From 1973 when we decided to fund equipment for various departments in the hospital, we have raised $271,607.  
The best thing about belonging to a group of volunteers, who are committed to a cause, is that you ‘grow’ together as you travel on your journey.  We have experienced engagements, the birth of our children, divorces, remarriages, and, sadly the loss of precious children.  Through all of this we have remained a strong group of supportive friends who look forward to seeing each other each month to meet or hold a fundraiser.  The friendships formed along the way are life-long.   Over the past 15 years we have included our husbands or partners in our fundraising ventures so that once again new friendships have formed which makes getting together a real pleasure.
We have held stalls, sausage sizzles, lamington drives (making the lamingtons ourselves) fashion parades, Dutch auctions, jewellery and bag evenings and of course spent some wonderful times at the AGM in at the hospital hearing the doctors or nurses or specialists from various departments talk about their work at the hospital.  Very motivating stuff!  
Over the past years we have been selling the tote bags which are generated through the hospital in a multitude of colours and they have been wonderfully successful.  We see them everywhere – even overseas!
We have been supporting the Young People’s Health Service which is part of the Department of Adolescent Health which is attached to the Emergency Department for the past five years.  We help them with donations of toiletries and underwear and socks for the disadvantaged and homeless youth.
We acknowledge the fantastic support of “Linen House” who has been helping and supporting us for the past 20 years through our stalls.  We are extremely grateful to them.

Caring Friends of Cystic Fibrosis Auxiliary believe that there are many cystic fibrosis areas within The Royal Children's Hospital that are badly in need of funds, and it was on this basis that they were formed in 2006. The value and importance of CF research cannot be undervalued and Caring Friends of CF Auxiliary make this possible with their fundraising endeavours.

Their ongoing craft stalls at the RCH, supplemented by outside fundriasing activities, bring significant amounts of donated funds each month. 


Caring Friends of Cystic Fibrosis, where possible, make an annual commitment to fund major cystic fibrosis research projects which, although so far not achieving the ultimate goal of finding a cure, have certainly helped improve the quality of life for cystic fibrosis patients.

2014 started with the Auxiliary providing a major item of equipment – a Portable Ultra-Sound Machine – to the RCH’s Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management. This equipment is used in Pre and Post Operative Anaesthesia and Pain Management for CF patients, to guide needle insertion in vascular access procedures, with positive resulting reduction in patient trauma.

The Auxiliary has also purchased a significant amount of equipment for the RCH’s Physiotherapy Department. This equipment is aimed at enhancing breathing activities and airway clearance, physical activity and exercise for respiratory inpatients, many of which are CF patients.

Other areas funded are assisting families whose children are admitted unexpectedly for treatment. This takes the form of emergency food/beverage vouchers and/or fully packed toilet bags which are distributed by the CF co-ordinators to ensure they help those most in need. They are also continuing their ongoing supply of chocolates, sweets, textas, pens, pencils, crayons, colouring sheets and stickers for CF children to use and enjoy whilst on the wards.

Office bearers

President: Pat Borcich
Vice President: Yvonne Felton
Secretary/Treasurer: Daryl Gunn



0417 669 291