Brimbank toRCH Auxiliary

Raising funds to support a fellowship position within the Neuroscience Unit

Area: Brimbank

The story so far

Founded in 2003 by a group of university students, Brimbank toRCH raises funds to support a fellowship position in the Neuroscience Unit. The auxiliary was formed because the group had such a great time collecting donations during the Good Friday Appeal that they wanted to become a more active part of fundraising at the RCH.

What we are working on

The original members have continued to make a huge contribution to the auxiliary and now enter their eighth year of fundraising and campaigning for the RCH. Just as importantly the auxiliary’s membership base, particularly those known as friends of Brimbank ToRCH, has continued to grow and we welcome the efforts of all contributors.

In the future Brimbank toRCH hopes to strengthen its successful fundraising activities and introduce new activities. The founding principle of fundraising while having fun at the same time remains a winning formula and the members look forward to another year. Once again Brimbank toRCH would like to thank all the members and friends of the auxiliary who helped through the year, offering their time, effort and resources to make another great year for Brimbank ToRCH.

Office bearers

President: Justin Moore
Secretary: Erin Moore
Treasurer: Cameron Petricevic


(03) 9366 5968