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RCH Auxiliary Awards

The RCH Auxiliaries make an invaluable contribution to the hospital through fundraising. These awards recognise and thank our outstanding Auxiliary members for their services and efforts.

Living Treasures

The RCH Foundation & Auxiliaries honour outstanding Auxiliary members with the annual Living Treasures Award.

This award recognises the exceptional contribution of diverse Auxiliary members who have demonstrated excellence, leadership and commitment in fundraising for the hospital.

The Living Treasures Award was officially launched 24 July 2004 to honour Auxiliary members who have gone above and beyond in their quest to support the sick children of Victoria and the work of the RCH Auxiliaries.

Madge Tate Service Award

Established in 1994, the Madge Tate Service Award is named after the late Madge Tate who was a member of Croydon Auxiliary from 1932 until her passing in 1992. The award is a means of recognising dedicated and extraordinary service to the Auxiliaries.

For many of those years, Mrs Tate served as either President or Secretary of the Croydon Auxiliary, overcoming obstacles of distance, family commitments and, at times, ill-health to make an outstanding 60-year contribution to The Royal Children’s Hospital as a volunteer fundraiser.

Bev Noonan is the winner of the 2017 Madge Tate Service Award.

Long Service Awards

Long Service milestones are celebrated in five-year increments. Auxiliary members will receive their first award after five years of service.