The RCH Foundation has a strong commitment to research and works closely with The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and The University of Melbourne’s Department of Paediatrics to ensure that our campus is the premier site for paediatric research in Victoria, and an international leader in tackling some of the world’s biggest child health issues.  

Supporting research at the RCH

Through community support, the RCH Foundation assists many research projects each year, giving the RCH campus the time and resources it needs to explore health challenges in children and adolescents. This includes a comprehensive research agenda that seeks treatments and cures for diseases that threaten the lives of millions of children across the globe. 

Onsite research leads to ‘bench to bedside’ advances

Murdoch Childrens is the research partner of the RCH. This on-site partnership enables accelerated development of practical treatments, screening and preventative measures from bench to bedside and community. The hospital can immediately and accurately employ the knowledge gained from research, and many findings in the laboratory, clinical and public health platforms directly translate into improved clinical practice guidelines for the care of children at the RCH. 

The most talented researchers, all working together

With an outstanding concentration of more than 1500 researchers and clinicians, the three campus partners demonstrate high levels of co-operation, sharing knowledge to ensure the best outcomes for children at the RCH and worldwide.

Our membership program supporting research at the RCH

RCH1000 is an annual-giving membership program raising funds for research conducted at the hospital. RCH1000 funds allow the RCH and MCRI to push the envelope of knowledge in pursuit of ever more effective cures and treatments for childhood diseases.

Find out more about RCH1000 and how to join here.