patient and family centred Care

The RCH Foundation supports the hospital’s philosophy of using and developing innovative models of patient and family centred care.

The aim is to ensure that patients receive the best care possible and that their families are recognised as instrumental in this process, and included each step of the way.

The RCH’s patient and family centred approach means a strong emphasis on a mutually beneficial partnership between health care providers, patients and their families.

Woven through all aspects of care at the hospital, the approach is vital in assisting patients and families to cope with what can be a stressful time when visiting hospital.

Patient and family centred programs and initiatives directly enhance the RCH’s excellent standard of care.

They are a true reflection of community-driven philanthropy because these programs have tangible positive impacts and improve the patient and family experience every day.

There are numerous patient and family centred programs that would not exist if not funded through the Foundation by community support, for example:

  • Comfort Kids, the hospital’s pain management program
  • family-centred programs and services such as art therapy, music therapy and educational play therapy. These therapies reduce anxiety and stress, and have enormous benefits for children during both inpatient and outpatient treatments at the RCH
  • camps for sick or recovering patients are also made possible through fundraising and donations, providing opportunities for growth and independence and a very special chance to escape from the routines of illness. The children who attend these camps benefit from support of others who are going through similar experiences
  • positive impacts are also made in everyday assistance provided to families. The Foundation and Auxiliaries fund the supply of practical items such as toiletries and parking vouchers to families that are admitted for treatment.

Some examples of patient and family centred care programs are Educational Play Therapy and Music Therapy and The Children’s Bioethics Centre.