How donated funds are invested and spent

Approved Grants

Throughout 2015/16 more than 180 Grants were approved, totalling $33.8 million. In many cases this funding extends over a number of years.

Grants are categorised in four key areas, including:

  • Patient and family centred care
  • Equipment and technology
  • Research
  • Leadership, education and training.

The major Grants approved in 2015/16 include:

  • After Hours Clinical Care – Continuing Coordinated
  • Care 24/7
  • Allied Health and Nursing Education, Development and Leadership Program
  • Support for the Chair in Genomic Medicine
  • Clinician (Medical, Nursing and Allied Health) Research Leaders of the Future
  • Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance
  • Professor of Nursing Research and a Nursing Research Team
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital Weight Management Service
  • Wadja Aboriginal Family Place


Of the $55.4 million raised in 2015/16, $47 million was distributed to the hospital through the granting process.
An additional $2 million was held for future granting.

The major distributions in 2015/16 include:

  • Electronic Medical Record - $10.7 million
  • MR PET - $6.6 million